Appalache, Labyrinths Across The Sun, Digital Album Cover


Labyrinths Across The Sun

Release Date : July 4th, 2012

When the traveller is back home, he realizes that everything has changed and that nothing will be the same anymore. As warmth was your love, as far you can loose yourself in nostalgia. This personal dilemma inspired the Julien Magot’s new single entitled Labyrinths Across The Sun, maybe his most powerful track, lost somewhere between Neil Young’s Dead Man Soundtrack and some Expo’70′s stories of desert. Shimmering Lights is featured with Torsten Hüsselmann from Torpedo Holiday. This song is about hope and passion. This is all about the soul sacrifice you make to get back on your own track as much as possible.

music written, recorded and played by Julien Magot / vocals on Shimmering Lights by Torsten Hüsselmann / recorded in Paris, June 2012.