Astral & Shit + Sádon, Imitation Of Meditation, Digital Album Cover

Astral & Shit + Sádon

Imitation Of Meditation

Release Date : February 3rd, 2013

Words are useless to describe this russian collaborative provided by the lonely Astral & Shit and the fiery duo Sádon. The 23 minutes of Imitation Of Meditation will leave you in a hypnagogic state, like a slow-moving rock in suspension. Dive into this alloy of fathomless textures, forget walls and deadlines, dream about dreaming… if you play the game words become null and void.

music by Ivan Gomzikov, Donat Mavleev & Sanya Vorobey / recorded in December 2012, Nevyansk / Saint-Petersburg / mixed and mastered by Aleksey Aleksandrov / cover photograph by Romain Barbot, Portrait of a portrait – photography of a cutted print from Trip to Cappadocia, 1935, vol. II