Dawnshape, Either This / Much Long, Digital Album Cover


Either This / Much Long

Release Date : February 28th, 2013

Dawnshape is a parisian trio runned by Antoine Ollivier (Kid North, Painting By Numbers), Gregory Hoepffner (Almeeva, Kid North, Painting By Numbers,… ) & Sébastien Hurtel since 2009. Their music is a constant duel between pop efficiency and thirst for experimentation, led by Antoine’s simple and sensible vocal melodies through unusual song structures and odd harmonies. This contrast is sublimed on the new single Either This, starting with their typical detuned blurry chords to end in a rich and beautiful pop anthem full of textured key-strings with an unwaveringly emphatic conclusion. Breaking with such an ornamental piece, Much Long delivers more of a tense and harsh observation, plunging us into a muffled gloom, a surge of torpor tainted with restrained rage. Dawnshape has never sounded more pop, bold and concise than with these two songs, where stark and surd states meet the grandiose blaze of disarray.

Antoine Ollivier : singing, guitar, keys, drum machine, arrangement and percussions / Sebastien Hurtel : bass guitar, additional singing, percussions / Gregory Hoepffner : drums, percussions / recorded & mixed by Luc Ferré / mastering by Sylvain Biguet / artwork by Antoine Ollivier