BLWBCK is a DIY and non-profit association based in Toulouse, France, releasing music since 2010. We have a passion for drone, ambient, psychedelic, lo-fi, black metal, chill tsunamis, electronic and any form of noise that can evoke drug-like effects and contemplation, simultaneously creating pleasure and profound sadness.
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Order / Shipping Options

Physical copies are sent via standard mail delivery. The sale price includes shipping costs and depends on the destination (France or International).
→ Please check your postage options before to click on the order button.
→ A Bandcamp download code is included with each cassette.
→ Each copy is sent separately to keep postal costs to a minimum. Sending in a package becomes cost-effective from 4/5 copies. If this applies to you, please contact us before placing your order.
→ If you want a tracking number, use a specific service or need more informations, contact us directly at [orders{@}blwbck{.}com]
→ There are no hidden copies or reprints. There is no need to contact us regarding this matter if the item is marked as sold out.
→ You can now order our cassette tapes directly from our Bandcamp Merch page. Please note that it's slightly more expensive than ordering directly through this platform. As a reminder, a Bandcamp download code is included with each cassette. We even occasionally send an additional code via email to pre-orders.


We welcome submissions for record projects. Please note that due to the high volume of material we're receiving each week, we may not be able to reply to all emails. To ensure a smooth submission process, please follow these guidelines:
→ Instead of attaching large files, we kindly request you to provide a private streaming link.
→ Don't forget to include a description of your record and a short biography.
→ The only email address for submissions is: [god{@}blwbck{.}com]. We won't reply to social networks submissions.

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