EUS / Mytrip, split, Digital Album Cover

EUS / Mytrip


Release Date : May 31st, 2014

This is not the first EUS & Mytrip split, and just like on their previous common release, this tape is filled with hyper-deep drones & ambient soundscapes. The kind of music which can swallow you whole, in a way that words cannot describe. Both artists chose to create pieces with extra length, 3 tracks worth 60 minutes of music. The EUS side presents drone music full of rich & epic arrangements, where repeated assaults of resilient strings are breaking the waves of the dark ambiance. But if Jose Acuña’s music can show you the stars in the Costa Rica night sky, Angel Simitchiev’s horizon seems less encouraging. Divided in two parts, his piece Lifeless will drag you underwater to the deepest bottoms of the seas. Feedbacks, distorted drones, horrid soundscapes, there’s no elements or details to enhance your confiance. Even in his most quiet moments, the Bulgarian artist maintains a high dose of sadness. If split tapes are often misinterpreted by press & listeners, this one will prove you the opposite. Two journeys by two of the most exciting projects on the current drone scene.

EUS : recorded by Jose Acuña in Costa Rica, February, 2014 / cello by Oliver Barrett // Mytrip : recorded live by Angel Simitchiev in Ruse and Varna, Bulgaria / Somewhere in 2013.

66 copies / Black Chrome C-60
Digital edition included.