Sylvia Monnier, Second Thought, Digital Album Cover

Sylvia Monnier

Second Thought

Release Date : May 19th, 2014

For his Sylvia Monnier project, the french artist Mickael Perez focuses on a musical approach resolutely based on the drone. Nevertheless, as the ideas are taking shape, his approach is regularly phagocyted by other styles, particularly ambient music. It’s this growing absorption, this occasional and soothing shock of the opposites that fascinates us so much on Second Thought, his new cassette. In a world where sense of grace and mystery has disappeared, Sylvia Monnier’s music is like an oracle, having the capacity to transmute reality into musical aesthetics. Influenced by the freedom and weirdness of the current experimental scene as well as by the orthodoxy of different European Electroacoustic trends, his music carefully works the sound’s rawness, trying to make it nearly palpable by juxtaposing it to sweet tones, equally revealing by the way her aquatic and earthly material. This modus operandi generates some musical epiphanies where the universal and the singular, the unreal and the concrete are combined together. This is a purpose which first seems to be inexpressible but it’s so perfectly achieved on Second Thought that it’s became reality.
– Frédéric Foreau

recorded, mixed & mastered by Mickael Perez in Lyon, France – 2014 / instrumens : Technics SY 1010, Dave Smith Mopho, Clavia Nord Rack 2, Roland Space Echo, Roland TR 606, TC Electronic Flashback Delay, Boss DS-1, Loop Station RC-3.

66 copies / Black Chrome C-40
Digital edition included.