Sables Noirs, Cette Nuit (The White Room Demos), Digital Album Cover

Sables Noirs

Cette Nuit (The White Room Demos)

Release Date : Oct 27th, 2023

A flashback to a reminiscent past. In February 2021, Romain Barbot (Saåad, FOUDRE!) and David Haudrechy (Initiative H, Endless) embarked on a sonic exploration that gave birth to the project Sables Noirs. The four tracks of Cette Nuit (This Night) were never intended for public release, serving as archives of their initial encounter; although they originated from their first improvisations, it's difficult to view them merely as demos. Enhanced by the pristine recordings of Aurélien Prévost and the mastering of James Plotkin, but also because of the duo's ability to take the listener on a journey, akin to driving down a winding road on a sleepless night. Whether you find yourself immersed in an all-nighter or yearning for an escape from the mundane, Cette Nuit serves as the perfect companion. From the evocative obedience to the sun's descent on the opening Nos Lents Regards–Tremble Demain!, to the feverish night call of Ciel Pupille, time relinquishes its grasp upon our consciousness. Then, we delve deeper into the blind and enigmatic passages of Tout Phare Éteint, venturing further into these alluring shadows, until the final notes of Nouvelle Aube guide us towards the delicate and cold caress of the morning dew. As the inaugural chapter in the Sables Noirs project, the concise yet immersive 24 minutes of Cette Nuit stand as a testament to the creative synergy between Barbot and Haudrechy, which has undoubtedly flourished since then.

Sables Noirs, Cette Nuit Recording Sessions The White Room Sessions – Feb, 2021 © Nash K Pictures

music by David Haudrechy : alto saxophone, sopranino & Romain Barbot : modular & analog synthesizers, effects / recorded by Aurélien Prevost at l’isdaT, Toulouse – France, 26 & 27 February 2021 / mixed by Aurélien Prévost at Billypan studio / mastered by James Plotkin / photographs & layout by Romain Barbot.

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